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The Master's Facilitator

A Faithful Commission to Bring Understanding

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."

-Proverbs 4:7


As an act of commitment to my faith and the greater work that God has called me to, I am not just a Master Facilitator, but am dedicated to being The Master's Facilitator. As The Master's Facilitator I prioritize making space in my schedule to develop forums for members of the faith community to learn and plan for Kingdom impact. :

  • Bible Studies

  • Ministry Outreach Planning

  • Ministry Team Building

  • Brainstorming for Community Transformation

It is my goal and prayer to provide quality service that will educate the faith community on the God-given power and freedom they have to live life on another level, while creating partnerships that ignite a positive change in the communities that need it most.

For more information about this special facilitation service, contact me today!

Speaking of "Masters" I am also a part of a dynamic network of professionals who share the faith and have committed their businesses to educating the community. We are all connected through a non-profit called The CLIC (Community Life Improvement Center, Inc.) where we volunteered many hours and offered various services over the years. After working together we designed this network to be a powerful collaboration with courses, workshops and publications created to elevate lives. We are called CLICMasters. Take some time and peruse our website and engage our content. We hope that you find something that serves you.

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Ministry Connections
Service, Collaboration & Partnership.

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       Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist              Macedonia Missionary Baptist                            Bethel Baptist Church                                Christian Family Worship Center        Washington Shores Church of Christ    

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