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Master Facilitator Committed to Excellence

What is a Master Facilitator and Why Do You Need One?

A Master Facilitator is a communication specialist who establishes and maintains a safe and productive space for diverse participants to connect and interact until they reach a unified goal. The art of facilitation is extremely valuable, as it is essential for top-level planning and can be used in every kind of industry or organization. As a Master Facilitator, I have highly-tuned analytic skills which allow me to streamline procedures, process information quickly, and identify vital details in a discussion.


I'm also a connection guru and executive problem solver who has been

facilitating masterfully for over 15 years; working with
corporations, entrepreneurs, 
nonprofits and government entities.

I have high-level skills in workshop facilitation, moderating, team

building and strategic planning for community engagement.

I believe in the power of partnerships and I'm always striving to achieve significant outcomes for my clients.

When you work with me, you can expect a dynamic collaboration rooted in transparency and consistency.

Want to learn more?

Contact me today for an initial consultation.

You Can Say That Again!

Natalie C. Jones is an amazing facilitator. She breaks material down to the simplest text so everyone in the room understands the subject matter. Her special sauce is humor and she brings it every time I've sat in her audience.


Monica May
President / CEO

Monica May Communications

Natalie!!!!! What can I say. She reads a room and fills a room with her electric energy, and wealth of wisdom. She leaves no heart unfelt, and connects with each person whether on a panel or in the audience. She surely is a master at a what she does. If you’re looking for a person to chorale your team, group or organization. She is the woman for the job. She won’t just give information, she creates a uniquely curated jubilant EXPERIENCE every time.
Book her now!


William Morris

Founder & Creative Director

Genuine Creative Agency

Nat brings people together and solves problems with an ease that is quite astounding. It makes you think "Wait, what was my problem again?" She is a people expert! In any business it is important to deal well with people. From now on I will be sure to remain connected to her company, so that I am not too far from it's rich resources and her uncanny expertise.


Kelley Bell

Kelley Bell Consulting

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